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Opallis DA2, universal nanofilled microhybrid, 4g

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Opallis is a nanohybrid X-ray contrast restoration material. It is intended for highly aesthetic restorations thanks to a wide range of shades. It has a balanced viscosity and saturation, so the material is easily modeled and has a pronounced chameleon effect. Opallis has proven clinical trials and is a market leader in Brazil.

Opallis was specially designed to reconstruct the polychromatic properties of the tooth in the smallest details. It has a longer operating time (reduced sensitivity to light) and excellent mechanical properties.

The volume content of inorganic fillers by weight is from 78.5% to 79.8%, or 57% by volume with a particle range between 40nm and 3.0 microns. The average particle size is 0.5μm (μm). Optimal particle distribution allows to achieve high filling of the composite, which guarantees excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance of the material. These characteristics are necessary to ensure high-quality restoration of masticatory teeth, ease of polishing, creating a restoration with a smooth surface and saturation of the gloss of the front teeth.


  • Suitable for highly aesthetic restorations of frontal and masticatory groups of teeth
  • 35 shades for the widest range of clinical cases
  • Convenient identification of shades
  • The shades of enamel and dentin correspond to the shades of the Vita scale
  • Special colors with increased transparency, increased opacity, shades for bleached teeth and reproduction of tooth color saturation
  • High filling of the composite with optimal distribution of nanoparticles
  • Excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance of the material
  • Perfectly polished to create a smooth surface and rich shine
  • Fluorescence is balanced with the structure of the tooth
  • X-ray contrast and natural opalescence
  • Long operating time - lack of sensitivity to operating light
  • Ergonomic packaging - the lid of the syringe is attached to the body
  • Increased material conversion
  • Allows you to reproduce the natural structure of the tooth
  • The pronounced effect of a chameleon


  • Occlusal, proximal or occlusal-proximal restorations of medium and small size
  • Restorations of III, IV, V class on front teeth
  • Production of veneers from composite materials by the direct method
  • Fixation of chipped tooth fragments
  • Reduction and / or elimination of diast
  • Correction or reshaping of one or more teeth
  • STRUCTURAL DEFECTS: imperfect amelogenesis, enamel hypoplasia, non-carious cervical lesions
  • Adjustment and / or change is proportional to the height and / or width of the tooth
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Adjustment and / or change of shade of a part or all surface of a tooth

Special shades:

T - Transluscent - translucent shades:

  • T-Blue (T-blue): shade with increased translucency to return the tooth opalescent effect
  • T-Yellow (T-yellow): a shade with increased translucency, which allows you to restore the vestibular enamel and gives the depth of tooth color
  • T-Orange (T-orange): a highly transparent pigmented shade that gives the enamel transparency and a natural opalescent effect
  • T-Neutral (T-neutral): a translucent shade that allows you to gently restore the enamel, as well as the cutting third of the tooth. Its transparency is slightly lower than all the shades described above

O - Opaque - opaque shades with a high level of packaging

  • Opaque White (Opak White) and Opaque Pearl (Opak Pearlescent) allow you to restore the details of the halo and close the sclerotic dentin

V - Value - shades of color saturation

  • Value (VH, VM, VL) add brightness, glow to the restoration. The glow shows the amount of white in the tooth. In order to reproduce this effect, we apply Value shades with the last layer of the composite. Value shades are characterized by increased transparency and do not change the main color of the restoration. VH, VM and VL colors can give restorations high, medium or low white saturation

E-Bleach and D-Bleach - shades for bleached teeth

  • E-Bleach H, E-Bleach M, E-Bleach L, D-Bleach M were developed for the restoration of bleached and deciduous teeth. We offer 3 shades for enamel restoration and 1 shade for dentin. The low saturation color (lighter) is E-Bleach H, and the higher saturation color (darker) is E-Bleach L.

Clinical cases (English): # 1 , # 2 , # 3

Release form
  • Syringe * 4 gr: shades EA1, EA2, EA3, EA3.5, EB1, EB2, DA1, DA2, DA3, DA3.5, DB1, DB2
  • Syringe * 2 gr: shades EA4, EB3, EC2, EC3, DA4, DB3, DC2, DC3, D-Bleach M, E-Bleach H, E-Bleach M, E-Bleach L, T-Blue, T-Yellow, T-Orange, T-Neutral, Opaque Pearl, Opaque White, VH, VM, VL
  • Opallis Intro Kit (4 spr * 4 g (EA1, EA2, EA3, DA2), Ambar adhesive 4 ml, pickling gel 2.5 g)
  • Opallis Intro Kit (4 spr * 4 g (EA2, EA3, DA2, DA3), Ambar adhesive 4 ml, pickling gel 2.5 g)
  • Opallis Clinical Kit (15 spr: 8 * 4 g (EA1, EA2, EA3, EB2, DA1, DA2, DA3, DB2), 7 * 2 g (D-Bleach, T-Blue, T-Neutral, T-Yellow) , E-Bleach H, OP, VH))
Composite type Nanohybrid
Type of composite Not rare
Type of polymerization Light (Photo)
  • German glass SCHOTT
  • Ideal value for money
  • 35 shades

Tags: Opallis, opalis, opalis, opalis, opalis

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